The Burke Family

Burke's Honey has been processing and packing honey since 1909. Starting three generations ago, as part of a farming operation, Burke's Honey Ltd. now operates a Canadian Food Inspection Agency registered honey packing plant located less than two kilometers from the farm on which it got its start.

In 1986, Burke's Honey Ltd. expanded its line by introducing Maple Valley Farms pure maple syrup. Canada is the world's largest producer of pure maple syrup. Being another pure food product, it fits in well with our line of products.

Honey Produces Energy
Since 75% to 80% of its composition is naturally occurring simple sugars, honey has quick energy-producing value. Little digestion is necessary and absorption takes place quickly. Honey is quick energy for all ages.

What is Pasteurized Honey? Is Burke's Honey Pasteurized?
Honey is pasteurized by heating it enough to kill the sugar tolerant yeast which live in the honey. Neither Burke's liquid nor creamed honey is pasteurized.

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Burkes Honey also provides McKenzie Poducts

Burke's Honey Ltd

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Province: Ontario

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